A CHILDREN’S hospice marked a milestone anniversary with a poignant piece of artwork displayed in Lister Park, Bradford.

Martin House Children's Hospice is celebrating 30 years caring for children and young people by touring a huge inflatable, interactive piece of art.

It was shown in the park on Sunday and will move to other venues in the coming weeks.

The Butterfly and The Bird, created by Sheffield-based artist Sarah Jane Palmer, includes the work of 300 primary school children across Yorkshire, including including pupils from Farnham Primary School, Straford Road, and Eldwick Primary School in Bingley.

Mrs Palmer also visited Martin House, at Boston Spa, Wetherby, and worked with the young people staying there.

Their footprints have been transformed into butterfly paintings, which have been included on the artwork.

Chris Verney, community fundraiser for Martin House, said: “The response has been great, so many people in Bradford don’t know about Martin House, which is really surprising considering a third of the children we care for come from the Bradford district.

"So, to be able to get out here and have a fun day, which is all for free, where people can come and enjoy themselves, has been wonderful.”

The name of the artwork represents the butterfly, the symbol of the children’s hospice movement, and the house martin bird, which is the hospice’s namesake.

“The House Martin migrates over winter time and then comes back for the summer, so we wanted our families to feel that they could go away, continue their lives, and then return time and time again to Martin House,” Mr Verney said.

After it has toured, the inflatable will be taken back to Martin House.

It will be at Delius Arts and Cultural Centre on Great Horton Road on August 23 and the United Reformed Church in Saltaire, as part of Saltaire Festival on September 16 and 17.