THE RSPCA came out three days running to reports of a ‘dead horse’ in a Bradford field - only to discover the callers had made an embarrassing mistake.

One inspector searched the field in Gain Lane, Thornbury, on Monday after the RSPCA received a number of calls from concerned members of the public about a dead horse, but couldn’t find anything.

More calls came in, so another inspector went yesterday, and again couldn’t find a dead horse.

Yet more calls came in today, so inspector Nikki Cheetham went along.

Inspector Cheetham said: “After following one of the caller’s directions and finding only an abandoned bathtub I called him to check I’d got the right spot.

“He said he could see the field from where he was and that I was standing right next to the dead horse.

“Suffice to say he was a little embarrassed!”

Though there are a number of horses in the field, the RSPCA said they are healthy.

Insp Cheetham said: “Whilst we always want people to get in touch if they have specific concerns about an animal, and we’re certainly glad this wasn’t a dead horse, there is a serious aspect to this too.

“We are a charity with very limited resources, and we have been out to this location three times to look for an abandoned bathtub.”