A CAMPAIGN group has welcomed improvements to Baildon Railway Station but called for more work to be completed.

Northern has announced a number of improvements to the site as part of its Better Stations scheme for stations across Yorkshire.

These are a new waiting shelter, new seating, new building, help point, upgraded CCTV, ticket vending machine and improved signage.

Friends of Baildon Station (FOBS) had called for these improvements, especially the installation of a ticket machine, after producing a public survey.

A Northern spokesman confirmed the work at Baildon will begin later this month and is scheduled to be completed by the end of November this year.

John Bowdery, FOBS chairman, said: “When I see it, I will believe it.

“It is fantastic that they are doing that at Baildon. We would like to see some action and when it will happen.

“We definitely welcome the action and glad Northern are starting to spend some money on Baildon, after it has been greatly neglected for many years.

“The ticket machine was the main thing and it came up as the second most popular items wanted on our public wishlist. We look forward to seeing the action on the ticket machine. That’s the priority.”

Mr Bowdery added the group’s work would continue, as it would lobby Northern for more services between Bradford and Ilkley on Saturdays and Sundays.

He added: “We would still like to see a toilet at Shipley station, that is key for the people who have got in touch with us. This is because of the waiting at the station.”

The FOBS’s public survey, which took place earlier this year, found 83 per cent of respondents wanted public toilets at Shipley station; 72 per cent wanted the old station building in Baildon to be restored; 70 per cent called for shorter connection times at Shipley and Guiseley for trains to Leeds; 66 per cent asked for car parking improvements, and 59 per cent wanted a better passenger shelter.

Following a trial period, in which four stations were equipped with new facilities for customers to test, work is now set to begin at a number of stations in Yorkshire.

Paul Barnfield, Northern regional director, said: “We had a good response to the trial stations and I’m delighted to be able to say that the modernisation of our stations is now fully under way.

“These are early days for the Better Stations project, but during the coming weeks and months our customers will begin to see changes right across the network.