A MAN has been cleared of raping a 12-year-old girl in a Bradford hotel after telling the jury he merely gave her a peck on the cheek before quickly checking out of the room.

Student Fahad Goheer, 22, travelled to the city to meet the child after discovering she was his 'number one Superfan' on the Periscope live video streaming app.

Goheer, of Fenton Street, Rochdale, was accused of twice raping a girl under 13 in the Ibis Budget hotel in Prince Court, off Canal Road, on January 21 and meeting a child following sexual grooming.

He was unanimously acquitted by the jury at Bradford Crown Court today of all three allegations and discharged from the dock by Judge David Hatton QC.

Goheer, slightly built and bespectacled, had been held in custody at Leeds Prison before and during the trial.

Wearing a smart blue suit and tie, with a handkerchief neatly tucked into his jacket pocket, he told the jury he identified the girl as his number one Superfan on Perioscope, meaning “someone who is watching your broadcasts and liking your videos the most”.

Goheer said he had "loads of Superfans" on the app.

He told the court he believed he was coming to Bradford by train that day to meet a 19-year-old beautician and it was she who insisted he book a hotel room.

Goheer said he had been using the Periscope live-streaming platform since August last year.

He communicated with the girl on a live broadcast but said the camera was not working properly and he did not see her face until he arrived in Bradford.

Goheer denied ever threatening the girl, saying: “No, never. I’m not that sort of person.”

He said she told him she was 19 and suggested in a phone conversation that they went to a hotel.

He felt “uncomfortable” about it and cancelled the reservation but rebooked the room after she messaged him to say: “If you want to meet me you have to book a room otherwise family will see us.”

Goheer said he met the girl at the Forster Square retail park before walking to the hotel with her.

He told the jury he wanted to get to know her and had no intention of having sex with her.

Goheer said he quickly checked out of the hotel after they had chatted for a while. Nothing happened between them but a peck on the cheek.