ROBOTS, dinosaurs and volcanoes are just some of the attractions at the Bradford Science Festival, which is taking over the city centre this weekend.

The National Science and Media Museum, City Park, and the Broadway have all joined together to host the two-day event, with loads going on at each venue to keep the whole family entertained.

The fun begins at an free adults-only event at the museum today from 6.30pm, focused on senses.

There will be a variety of events, including exhibitions, interactive activities and even a disco all around the museum. Booking is recommended.

The festival proper starts on Saturday, and City Park will be split up into various different zones over the weekend.

There will be a Water Zone, where children can learn lots of interesting facts about water - bringing a towel is recommended as you’ll probably get wet.

In the Robot Zone, you can come face-to-face with robots including Titan the Robot and Cybermen, drive Mars Rovers, and see the next generation of drones and driverless cars.

An assault course to escape an erupting volcano takes centre stage in the Survival Zone, where you can also learn how to filter water and see real life meteorites.

In the Brad Lab will be a number of interactive experiments, including riding pedal-powered creations and illusions using every ingredients found in the kitchen.

There will also be the Future Zone, where children can learn about all the scientific businesses based in Bradford and be inspired to start a career in the science, technology and engineering industry.

Over at the Broadway, you will be transported back 65 million years, to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

The creatures will be roaming around the shopping centre, and you can also dig for fossils.

In the National Science and Media Museum, the new summer Supersenses exhibition will be open, with various attractions including sensory ‘soundpits’ and a journey inside the Mirror Pool in City Park.

Kate Davies, creative producer at the museum, said: “We are really excited to open the exhibition.

“It’s been a really interesting process bringing this all together with more than 60 different partners.

“We’ve got some lovely pieces, including the Mirror Pool soundpiece and a film which was recorded in a forest using virtual reality to present an immersive experience to see life through the eyes of a dragonfly, mosquito, frog and owl.”

There will also be various other activities, including the chance to get a taste of what working on crime scene investigation is like, UV face painting, and the Bring the Thunder family show.

There will also be a mini science film festival in the Pictureville, Cubby Broccoli, and IMAX cinemas, showing various scientific films about nature and space, and children’s films The Incredibles, The Lego Movie, and Big Hero 6.

Robin Dark, festival coordinator, said: “Bradford Science Festival is a chance for children, families and adults to engage in science-related activities and increase their science capital.

“It’s a chance to get excited about science and hopefully question more things that they see in everyday life around them.

“In the bigger picture, hopefully we can inspire a few youngsters to become the next inventors, scientists and engineers for Bradford and for the country.”

One of the attractions Mr Dark said he was looking forward the most to seeing “animatronic dinosaurs running wild around the Broadway”.

“I’m also looking forward to Titan the robot in City Park, plus all the little scientific experiments that will be going on,” he added.

“We’ve got a fantastic zones, and then in the museum a whole range of activities, including the summer exhibition and also getting the chance to take part in forensic, crime scene investigation type activities here.”

All events at the festival are free to take part in, except the mini science film festival. Events in City Park and the Broadway begin at 11am, with certain attractions running at certain times throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The National Science and Media Museum is open from 10am to 6pm, and for a full list of timings for events at the science festival, visit