The feelgood factor provided by the open-air freedom of this elegant convertible is enough to make an event of any drive.

The drop-top version of the Range Rover Evoque is hugely enjoyable and is guaranteed to grab the attention of passers-by, not least because it’s still a tad unusual to see an SUV with the top chopped off.

As well as oozing style, this soft-top machine is also versatile and solid.

Rear-seat space means the Evoque is practical enough for a family with a couple of children, while the well laid-out interior makes the vehicle generally user-friendly.

On the down side, the boot feels rather compromised, with the small space being difficult to access due to the the fact the hinge is at the top. It would perhaps be easier to use if the boot could drop down instead.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Evoque convertible is the slick roof mechanism.

The press of a button begins a quick and virtually silent process that transforms the vehicle.

What’s more, the roof folds away so neatly that it doesn’t impact on the Evoque’s appearance, with its tidy and strong lines catching the eye.

From an aesthetic point of view, the final touches come courtesy of the 20-inch ‘Style 601’ wheels and the illuminated aluminium front treadplates complete with Range Rover script.

When it comes to refinement, the cabin is impressively quiet with the roof raised, with only a gentle hint of road noise. With the roof down, there’s some buffeting for people sitting in the back seats, although it’s worth noting that there is a removable windbreak that can be fitted behind the rear headrests.

With many convertibles that are on the market being low-slung, you generally have to get used to drivers of other vehicles peering downwards into your cabin.

But the Evoque soft-top is quite different, with its elevated ride height and chunky doors making the cabin feel more private.

Behind the wheel, the Evoque convertible is sufficiently powerful and nimble to be fun to drive.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine likes to rev high and has plenty of punch, although the nine-speed automatic gearbox can be a little slow to react to throttle inputs.

Due to the body strengthening associated with convertibles, it isn’t the lightest of vehicles. However, the relatively short wheelbase help to make the Evoque Convertible more nimble in the corners than you might expect.

When driving briskly through the tighter corners, the four-wheel drive system boosts stability, balance and poise.

With its boulevard-cruising spirit, many owners might not be looking to take this vehicle into challenging terrain. But they certainly could if they wanted to because it doesn’t sacrifice any of the regular Evoque’s off-road ability.

One of the biggest aims when it came to this Evoque’s development was the desire to improve efficiency. The all-aluminium Ingenium TD4 diesel engine delivers fuel economy of up to 55mpg in this convertible model and low carbon dioxide emissions, for a 4WD soft top, of 149g/km.

In terms of creature comforts, there are plenty of pleasant features to admire, including the perforated leather steering wheel, ebony leather interior, heated seats and interior mood lighting.

Comfort is enhanced by the 12-way electric front seats which memorise the driver and passenger’s seat adjustment.

The minimalist dashboard architecture contrasts with the bold horizontal sweep of the instrument panel with the vertical rake of the centre console.

The central console is smart and easy to operate, giving access to a a high-quality Meridian 12-speaker stereo and Bluetooth telephone connectivity.

All in all, there’s no doubt that those who crave panache but still need practicality will be attracted by the Evoque convertible.


Range Rover Evoque Convertible TD4

PRICE: £51,700.00

ENGINE: 2.0L TD4 Diesel

TRANSMISSION: Automatic 9-speed Four Wheel Drive

CO2 EMISSIONS: 149g/km

FUEL: Combined mpg 49.6

ACCELERATION: 0-60 mph in 9.7 seconds

TOP SPEED: 121mph