A FATHER-OF-THREE and the Chinese doctor who helped him make a miracle recovery after he jumped from a ninth-floor balcony to escape a tower block fire have been reunited.

Dr Yang Zhi Wei has travelled from his home country and is starting a Master’s degree in Cardiff later this year, and has spent the last week living with his former patient Subah Amini.

Mr Amini, 32, of Allerton, jumped from a Wimbledon tower block in 2014 to escape a flat fire, and was featured in the Telegraph & Argus in January 2016 telling the story of his recovery.


He was left in a coma with multiple severe injuries, including a shattered heel, broken leg, snapped sternum, a ruptured aorta, and in his own words, his spine “just burst”.

He was given a 20 per cent chance of survival and doctors told him he would be paralysed from the waist down due to a squashed spinal cord and the damage to his heel.

But, following three trips to China for “extreme physiotherapy” which cost him more than £12,000, Mr Amini can now walk with the aid of a stick, and is able to walk without support around his home.

He said: “I’m a long way down the road now, I’d say I have come another 40 per cent on in the last 18 months.

“I last went to China last July, where I had physio for four or five hours a day, acupuncture, and massage which helped a lot.

“It has been really good having Dr Yang over here. When I was in China I met his family and he showed me his life so it was good for him to come here and do some sightseeing and introduce him to my life, family and community.”

Dr Yang also visited Mr Amini’s mosque, the Al Mahdi Mosque in Undercliffe, to learn about his Ahmadiyya Muslim faith.

“For me my faith in God is what got me through his and it was nice to show him that,” said Mr Amini.

Dr Yang will be visiting during his academic breaks, and Mr Amini will also be visiting him while he studies for his Master’s in physiotherapy.

Dr Yang, 26, said when he first met Mr Amini he had “very bad pain and injuries”.


“He had a lot of problems and I did think he could not walk again. We did all of the treatment but I didn’t really think he would walk, but he told me God would help him.

“I’ve spent time in Bradford and Subah has taken me to a lot of places like the Lake District and a safari park, and I have seen some things I have never seen before in China.

“Subah’s family have become my best friends, and I love the way of life here in the UK.”