AN EVENT highlighting that Bradford is determined to show its unity and compassion to everyone is taking place at a number of schools across the district on Friday.

One Britain One Nation (OBON) is a single-handed campaign by a former Bradford-based police inspector to encourage youngsters to love their country and each other.

It launched in 2015 with the blessing of then Prime Minister David Cameron after retired West Yorkshire Police inspector Kash Singh took his idea to 10 Downing Street.

“I want to see our children embrace their country and see the good that sharing a sense of belonging can do to make where we live better for everyone,” said Mr Singh.

“I hope to instil in them an element of pride so that every child has a strong shared sense of belonging and feels valued and that they have a role to play in the life of this nation.”

At the OBON Day on Friday, schools will display the red, white and blue of the national flag through a number of activities.

The day was given a pre-launch at Beckfoot School, in Bingley, which was supported by a number of other schools in the area including One In A Million Free School and Carlton Bolling College.

Adrian Kneeshaw, head teacher of Carlton Bolling College, said: “The ethos and aims of One Britain One Nation are exactly in line with Carlton Bolling and, as our young people are the future of our country, the cohesion of our communities is in their hands.”

Principal of One In A Million Free School Philip Grant added: "OBON reflects the values of compassion, honesty, integrity and excellence which are central values of One In A Million school."

David Horn, CEO of the Beckfoot Trust, said: "It has been great to welcome OBON to Beckfoot.

"It is our duty as educators to ensure that each of our students builds on these instincts and develop values that help them to become resilient, principled adults who fully understand their responsibility as a British citizen."

Mr Singh added: "I am so passionate about this campaign and feel we can really make changes by encouraging our children from an early age to be tolerant and caring and love the country they have been born in.

"Children are not born with hatred and distrust but they learn it from others. If we can all show them that it is better to love and trust we will all be in a better place for them to grow up in and that will have a beneficial effect throughout all aspects of the city and the country.

"I want to see schools turned red, white and blue on June 23."

Mr Singh retired from the police force in 2012 after winning several awards. He is also the chairman and founder of the British Indian Association. OBON is a non-profit-making, non-political and non-religious organisation.

Any schools wishing to get involved in OBON Day should email Mr Singh at