TWO men tipped vodka down a 15-year-old girl's throat before sexually abusing her in a locked car at night, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard.

It is alleged the child was driven around for two hours after being picked up by Sajaad Khan and Jubayel Ali who are accused of plying her with drink and indecently assaulting her before leaving her to crawl up a street and bang on doors at 3am screaming for help.

Khan, 26, of Nashville Terrace, Fell Lane, Keighley, and Ali, also 26, of Catherine Street, Keighley, deny sexual assault and false imprisonment in the early hours of October 22 last year.

Khan is accused of three charges of sexual assault and Ali of a single count.

Prosecutor Andrew Espley told the court the men were driving in the Keighley area in Khan's car when they came across the girl, who was a stranger to them both, late at night.

She had been brought by cab to the area to meet up with her boyfriend but he had not turned up.

The men lent her a phone to contact him and Khan allowed her to message him on Facebook.

The girl says she was locked in the car and driven to a petrol station in Keighley where the men bought soft drinks and a bottle of vodka.

She told the police Khan was driving fast and erratically before the car stopped and one of the men tipped vodka in her face and some went down her throat.

Mr Espley said the car set off again at speed and then pulled up in a cul-de-sac where Khan felt her breasts and bit her.

The teenager alleges both men got into the back of the vehicle with her and sexually assaulted her before Khan made her touch him indecently.

The men dropped her off close to where they picked her up, the jury heard.

She crawled up the street, banging on doors.

A resident heard a screech of tyres and a female screaming for help.

The police were alerted and the girl was seen at 3.08am walking slowly down the pavement.

Mr Espley said she collapsed on the ground crying for help when she saw the two officers.

She was extremely drunk and taken by ambulance to Airedale General Hospital where she was found to be two-and-a-half times the drink drive limit.

The jury heard there was no scientific evidence to link Khan or Ali with the girl.

Khan told the police he pulled over when he saw the girl in the street looking distressed and let her use his phone to contact her boyfriend. They drove round trying to find him and she was "calm and relaxed".

He denied pouring vodka in her mouth or sexually assaulting her.

Ali said the girl approached them and asked to stay with them for a while.

He said Khan asked her later if she had ever had sex and Ali said he left them alone in the car together for five minutes.

When he returned, Khan and the girl were on the back seat and she was screaming that she had been raped.

Ali denied any sexual involvement with her and said he did not see Khan doing anything sexual with her either.

The trial continues.