SCULPTURES, paintings and photography are among the artwork being displayed daily on Bradford’s big screen as part of a continuing exhibition showcasing work from local artists.

The Not Just Hockney exhibition aims to provide outdoor gallery space to artists and is supported by Bradford City of Film.

Images of the work are screened daily in City Park, focusing on five different artists each month.

The project is curated by arts enthusiast Colin Neville to promote local artists.

He said: “Bradford, over the years, has become the home for some very talented people.

“This month we have again a marvellous range of artist experience, talent and motivation on the big screen.

“They include the sculptor and painter, Roy Bell, born in Bradford 87 years ago, and whose paintings of Yorkshire towns reflects his affinity with his home region. They also include two talented photographers, John Cade and Madeleine Phiri, who take very different creative approaches to their artwork.

“There’s a painter, Nancy Stedman, whose interest in local landscape shows in all her work, and a community artist, Mussarat Rahman, who, for a long time now, has used art in the service of local people.

The five artists for June are:

Roy Bell, a sculptor, artist and teacher, born in Bradford in 1930. He was an art teacher for many years and the arts adviser for Cambridgeshire.

His own sculptures and paintings have been exhibited widely across the UK, including at a Young Contemporaries Exhibition in London, at Huddersfield Art Gallery, and in Ely Cathedral.

His West Yorkshire heritage is often expressed in his paintings.

John Cade, a street and documentary photographer, born and raised in the Holme Wood area of Bradford. Many of his photographs now record the life, characters and architecture of the city.

John’s photographs were shown at a Bradford Photographic Society exhibition at Shipley Library and are also publicly displayed in commercial premises in Bradford.

Madeleine Phiri, a Saltaire-based photographic artist. Her work has featured in local and regional exhibitions, including the Saltaire Arts Trail, Thornton’s South Square Gallery, Woodend Gallery in Scarborough, at the former National Media Museum, and at Cartwright Hall in Bradford.

Her collection of work, Summertime and the Living is [not] easy in Aleksandrovka, was featured in the 2016 autumn edition of the Royal Photographic Society Journal.

Mussarat Rahman, a Bradford artist, who creates artworks based on spiritual philosophies and theologies.

Her work often involves using reclaimed materials in two or three dimensional ways.

Mussarat has been involved in community art for many years, including using creative arts and therapies, to members of BIASAN, a refugee and asylum support group in the city.

Nancy Stedman, who has followed a career in landscape, as well as practising as an artist, whose interest in landscape can be seen in all her work.

Themes of time passing, landscape change and geology are explored through drawings, prints and sculptures.

She regularly exhibits her work at Unit 9, South Square Centre in Thornton, and with Aire Valley Arts.

Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film David Wilson said: “June’s exhibition is really worth going down to see in City Park as we’ve got work from some fabulous local artists, photographers and sculptors including street and documentary photographer John Cade recording characters of the city through the lens.”

Images of all five artists’ work are being shown on the big screen every day in June at 12.30pm.

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