ANOTHER production crew has been using locations across Bradford to shoot a film set entirely in the city.

Shooting of the as yet untitled cinema release, due out next year, will continue until mid June.

Filming has taken place at Idle Working Men’s Club, and other locations include Undercliffe Cemetery, Bradford Royal Infirmary and the city centre.

For the past few days filming has taken place on a grassed area off Bolton Road, near Westminster CofE Primary School. The crew was making the most of the site’s views over the city, including Valley Parade and Manningham Mills.

The film stars up-and-coming actor Laurie Kynaston, and Mark Addy – famous for his roles in The Full Monty and Game of Thrones.

Produced by Open Palm Films, the story tells of a young man who has made a series of bad choices in his life.

He wakes up on an area of wasteland in Bradford after being given the “once over” with no memory of who he is.

A South Asian family living nearby takes him in and helps him recover. But his violent past soon catches up with him.

The script was written by Bruce McLeod and is being directed by Lisa Mulcahy. It is the second film to be produced by Open Palm Films, set up last year by theatre director and writer Dominic Dromgoole.


Alexandra Breede, head of production, said the film would capture the beauty of Bradford as well as its “grit” adding: “This is a positive view of the city and the people here.

“We are using a lot of local people as background actors in this. We really want to create an environment that reflects Bradford.

“We reached out to Bradford City of Film for help and they were great. They were grateful we were telling the story we were, it is about bringing people together rather than focusing on what makes people different.

“The film does a lot to subvert stereotypes about the city and the people who live here.”

David Wilson, director of Bradford City of Film, said the crew had been renting office space in Little Germany on a temporary lease, as well as staying in the Midland Hotel.

He said: “It is hugely exciting to have Dominic Dromgoole involved.

“We’re used to dealing with major production companies, so it is nice to have a new company with a fresh take coming in.

“I think we shouldn’t shy away from the more gritty films.

“Bradford is great for showing the grit and reality of living in a Northern town.”