Stuart McCall has criticised Wembley Stadium's stewarding after Millwall supporters marred their victory over Bradford City by staging a pitch invasion and fighting outside the ground on Saturday night.

This exclusive video, taken by T&A reporter Mark Stanford shortly after the final whistle, shows a group of Millwall fans goading Bradford City supporters, throwing traffic cones and punching and kicking someone who appears to be on the ground.

Earlier, triumphant Lions fans marked the final whistle by running onto the Wembley pitch and taunting City's heartbroken players and staff.

City manager Stuart McCall was angry that the Millwall fans had been allowed to get on to the pitch.

McCall, along with players including Tony McMahon and Mark Marshall, was goaded by the pitch invaders.

And he said: "I have to say I'm very, very disappointed in the stewarding, to allow the fans across the halfway line to confront me and my players - because I was close to clocking a couple of them, that's for sure.

"I think Wembley will have to look at that for next season."

It is not yet known whether any arrests have been made.

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