RESIDENTS living near Lister Mills in Heaton are putting people power in to cleaning up their streets.

A group of locals got together on Sunday to pick up litter and clear other rubbish cluttering the area and making it look an eyesore.

Student nurse Zenub Mahmood, 32, who lives in Wilmer Road came up with the idea.

“We’ve had a good response to our appeal for people to turn out and help. It’s not just small bits of litter that have become a problem. It’s larger stuff, even dumped sofas. Basically we’ve had enough and have decided to take action ourselves. We had a good mix of people help on Sunday, a local doctor provided pizza and a shopkeepr gave us snacks at the end. It had a gret community feel.”

She added: “If we can clear the area of rubbish, it’ll look much better, making it a nicer place to live and encourage more people to take pride in the area.”

The group called Inspiring Bradford Communities is planning a meeting soon to rally more support and another litter-pick, hopefully involving local mosques.