A HUSBAND whose wife's cancer has progressed despite hundreds of thousands of pounds being spent on alternative drug treatments abroad has vowed not to give up on her.

Liam Major said well-wishers who had sent in donations totalling £70,000 were keeping his family positive, even though the latest scan results at the Hallwang Private Clinic in Germany had shown the cancer was growing.

The family, of Silsden, had appealed for more help from the public after revealing their finances had dried up and treatment might have to stop.

Telegraph & Argus readers and other supporters responded to the appeal and sent in enough donations to keep 33-year-old Sally Major, a mum-of-four, at the clinic for one more round of treatment and another one-week to two-weeks’ stay,

Mr Major said: "Despite the initial tumour markers and blood results looking promising, Sally’s cancer has progressed.

"Liver, lung and lymph node tumours have grown, and one lymph node has started to cause issues with nerves affecting Sally’s left leg which is not helping with mobility."

However, the brain MRI showed up nothing abnormal and a CT check confirmed the disease had not spread to other parts of her body or organs.

"So, once again we’ve been knocked down, we’ve cried, stressed and worried.

"The absolute legend that is my wife has now, only hours after getting the news, already got back on the battleship and recruited reinforcements with the help of the Hallwang oncologist.

"Sally’s treatment regimen will change and luckily we still have a variety of immunotherapies specific to Sally’s tumour DNA and various cocktails to go at, we will not be defeated. I won’t lie, it’s hard, very hard, we all feel it but we have one option and one aim and will not give in."

Mr Major said the clinic's oncologist was still very optimistic and had ordered the new drugs and vaccines.

"Unfortunately all of this comes at more cost and means a lengthier, more costly stay. I really am feeling horrific asking for more funds but please, I can't give up on my wife, please help me continue our battle, we’ve got this far.

"We're battered and bruised but not defeated, onwards and upwards," he said.

The family will still need a minimum of £35,000 every three weeks to continue treatment for the foreseeable future.

The couple have already sold the family car, remortgaged their home and borrowed from family, friends and the bank after running up bills of more than £210,000 so far for the treatments that are not available in England on the NHS.

See the So Sally Can Wait facebook page to find out more about the fundraising appeal.

To make a donation, go to youcaring.com/sallymajor-680286 or pay in to Halifax Bank account: Mrs Sally Major, S/C 11-07-06 A/C Num: 11065364.