BRADFORD’S National Science and Media Museum is the district’s most accessible museum, with more than 650,000 people living within a 10km radius.

That’s according to research by innovation charity Nesta, which has plotted the location of more than 1,300 accredited museums in England for the first time.

It also found Bradford had West Yorkshire’s second-highest number of accredited museums, at ten. Leeds had England’s seventh highest number of museums, at 17.

John Davies, research fellow at Nesta, said: “Bradford has a wide range of museums reflecting its significance as one of England's largest urban areas, its industrial heritage and spread of cultural activity.

"It is also unique in having the only accredited museum in the country which is devoted to peace.

"Museums hold our collective memory and our map shows that a large proportion of England’s population live within close reach of at least one.

“With those easily able to access a museum, but who do not attend, the question for the sector is how to break down barriers to access and engage untapped audiences.”