BRADFORD College students will see images they have produced using items ranging from tin cans to matchboxes put on display alongside work by photographers from around the world.

The students have been busy taking images of Bradford using pinhole cameras for an upcoming exhibition at the National Media Museum called Poetics of Light which features hundreds of pinhole photographs.

Pinhole photography involves exposing a piece of film using light travelling through a small hole in a light tight box, and the students have created cameras using cardboard boxes, tins, and even a tea strainer.

The students on the college’s BA photography and HNC photography courses, were asked by the museum to capture images of Bradford, and came back with views of its surrounding countryside, architecture and people.

Thirteen students took part, and 24 of their photographs will be on display.

Sally Robinson, programme leader for the course, said: “The museum gave students a brief that the images had to be made using pinhole cameras, and they had to have a local subject matter to give the exhibition some context.”

As well as college students, the exhibition, which starts on March 17, will also display images created by the Bradford Photographic Society.

It features more than 200 original photographs and 40 cameras from the holdings of the Pinhole Resource Collection, a body of work amassed by co-curators Eric Renner and Nancy Spenner in San Lorenzo, New Mexico.

Another exhibition opening the same day is Britain in Focus: A Photographic History, which explores the history of British photography, from everyday snapshots to world-renowned iconic images.

The exhibition is a partnership with BBC Four, which is showing a three part documentary series based on the exhibition.

It features pictures taken by anonymous soldiers in the First World War trenches, press shots of historic moments and images from photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron, Alvin Langdon Coburn and Cecil Beaton.

Both exhibitions run until June 25.