A PETITION has been started to try and save the Ritz Ballroom in Brighouse from having to either close down or change its name.

The ballroom is a small music and dance venue that has carried the Ritz name for more than 80 years.

It has recently been threatened with legal action by the Ritz Hotel in London if it does not change its name and relinquish rights to its website.

Local people are questioning this call as the ballroom is not a hotel, so is not in competition with the Ritz in London, where the cheapest rooms cost more than £300 a night.

The ballroom may also not be able to afford the expenses associated with a rebrand.

A petition has been started to save the Brighouse venue, which has already surpassed 2,000 signatures.

To sign the petition, visit ipetitions.com/petition/save-brighouse-ritzs-identity.