A DOG had to be rescued by firefighters after a parked BMW caught fire, rolled into a neighbouring house and melted its door.

At 3.30pm yesterday fire crews from Cleckheaton and Odsal were called to Marsland Court in Hunsworth to reports of a car fire that had damaged a house.

When they arrived they found a flaming S20 BMW up against door of a property.

The bizarre blaze had started when an electrical fire started in the car, parked in a driveway between two houses. It is thought this activated the starter motor, causing the car to overcome the handbrake, roll forward and over the neighbours' driveway before hitting a door of the neighbouring house.

The fire caused the PVC door to melt and flames to spread into the house.

Fire crews had to rescue a dog that the fire had trapped in the kitchen, and managed to put out the blaze before it caused too much damage.

Cleckheaton watch commander Colin Brown said: "Luckily there was minimal damage to the house, the dog was rescued and there were no injuries. Police and the fire investigation officer inspected the car, but we think it was just a fault rather than anything malicious."