A VIDEO paying tribute to a Punjabi love story is being filmed in Bradford next week.

Bradford actor Nadeem Butt and model/actress Siaqa Younas star in Heer Ranjha, a film based on a traditional story of two lovers, Heer and Ranjha. When Heer's father opposes the marriage and makes her marry someone else, the couple are forced apart, leading to a tragic conclusion.

"This is a tribute to Heer Ranjha, with songs re-mixed in a new style," says Nadeem. "We want to show the younger generation the beauty and culture of old Pakistan; the clothing and style of that era. I want younger people to visualise how elegant love stories were back then, with simplicity and honour.

"The story has been written by different writers, at different times. The best and most famous is Heer by the poet Waris Shah, written in 1761. Films of Heer Ranjha have also been made in Punjabi and Urdu.

"Some people believe there were two real young lovers called Heer and Ranjha, long ago. They say that they died and were buried together in a tomb near Jhang, in Punjab,Pakistan.

"The story is still popular in Pakistan and the story is still very relevant to a lot of young people today."

Nadeem, who presents the film, plays Ranjha and Saiqa, who is the director, will play Heer.

Produced by Punjab Entertainment of Bradford, the video, due to be broadcast on TV, will be filmed at Pind Restaurant, Lumb Lane, Manningham, on Thursday from 1pm to 4pm. There will also be a photo-shoot promoting the film for a magazine, which visitors are invited to watch.

"I would like to thank MB Traders in Lahore Pakistan, for providing us with appropriate clothing for the filming," says Nadeem.