A PROTEST against sexual violence was held in City Park today to mark the anniversary of an alleged mass rape.

On February 23, 1991 it is claimed that 90 women were gang raped in the village of Kunan Poshpora in Kashmir by Indian soldiers.

Although the Indian army has denied the claims, human rights organisations have pushed for full investigations into the incident that they say has scarred an entire community.

Members of Bradford’s Speaker’s Corner, a new group based in a unit in Ivegate created to discuss local and international issues, held a protest in City Park to raise awareness of the incident, and the wider issue of sexual violence being used as a weapon.

One of the organisers, Alsasha Bhat, came to Bradford to escape the violence in Kashmir the same year as the incident. She said: “As well as our group we have had people join us today after hearing about this on social media.

“Groups in Kashmir had wanted to get together for similar protests, but were banned from doing it. It is important that we use the freedoms we have here to make our voices heard.

"We hope that justice can be achieved for the victims.

"Rape has been used in different conflict areas as a weapon.”