A SERIES of nude neon installations by a Leeds artist are now on display in a Bradford gallery.

South Square Gallery in Thornton is hosting Always Turned On by Romily Alice, which has seen the artist create luminous sculptures based on female body shapes.

Some of the installations are based on nude selfies that were submitted anonymously to the artist from women of all body shapes. They have been created with the goal of "celebrating the diversity of the unedited female form."

Another series, on display for the first time, have come from images the artist found online, and the aim is to start a discussion about pornography and beauty ideals.

Alice Withers, programming fellow at the gallery, said: "There are nine installations, and five are from a completely new series. They haven't been shown anywhere before.

"People who come to the exhibition will be able to fill out a questionnaire on body image, and how they feel about their own bodies."

The responses will help create a magazine that will be launched at the end of the exhibition in collaboration with Gallery II at the University of Bradford.

The pieces have been on display at the gallery since the weekend, but the official launch event takes place on Friday at a free event.

The exhibition runs until February 26, and Friday's launch runs from 7pm to 9pm. Before then there will be a drawing activity led by artists Bryony Pritchard and Gerry Turvey from 5.30pm to 7pm.