A CROWD of 1,500 people took part in a march in Shipley against Donald Trump’s presidency and the town MP’s public support for him.

A group called the Shipley Feminist Zealots organised this afternoon’s march against the new US president, amid claims that his attitude towards women is negative.

The peaceful protest saw the group of men, women and children walk from Shipley Market Square and back, going around the town centre via Westgate, New Kirkgate, past Shipley MP Philip Davies’ constituency office in Manor Lane, Wellcroft and Central Avenue.

The march was held to coincide with the Women’s March on Washington and other protests around the world to mark the first full day of Mr Trump’s presidency.

Jenny Wilson, of the Zealots group who helped organise the march, said: “I think it’s brilliant to have that turnout for a march in a small town like Shipley.

“It means something to have that type of turnout.

“People have travelled from Calderdale, North Yorkshire and Leeds to take part.”

The Zealot group’s name is a reference to a speech Mr Davies made last year, in which he criticised “feminist zealots” who only wanted equality when it suited them.

In an open letter to the group, Mr Davies said he has only ever argued for men and women to be treated equally. He has offered to meet the group, which they have accepted.