A BRADFORD man who uses the new £29 million cycle superhighway between Leeds and Bradford regularly says the lack of maintenance along the route makes it dangerous to use after he came off his machine because of a build-up of fallen leaves.

But organisers City Connect who managed the project say they are aware there are issues with debris and are in talks with the two neighbouring councils.

Shams Hussain, 28, and from Bradford Moor, cycles to a gym in Leeds at least three times a week.

“I was all in favour of the new route when it first opened but over the months I’ve noticed the maintenance along the route has been poor. There has been broken glass and bits of metal strewn along the path making it difficult for people to cycle along it.

“On Monday this week I came off my bike after the rear wheel slid from under me on decomposing leaves while I was cycling.

“I suffered cuts and grazes as well as a sprained wrist and damaged thumb. I had to go to the minor injuries unit for treatment at Bradford Royal Infirmary and cannot cycle for a while now.

“My point is this cycle superhighway was made to make cycling safe but the route has to be fit to cycle on. The state the route is in over some parts means it is safer on the road, but then you have to deal with angry motorists who blast their horns and rev their engines and say we shouldn’t be on the road and that we should stick to our own lanes.

“It should be maintained much better than this. The roads are swept so why not the superhighway?

Gavin Wood, project assistant with City Connect project, said they had been made aware of the problem.

He said: “We have been in contact with Leeds and Bradford Councils’ cleansing team to address this but have not yet had a response from them. We’ll also keep an eye on this in the future.”

A spokesman for Bradford Council said: “Regular maintenance is carried out on the cycle superhighway but we would remind riders to take extra care during autumn and winter when the surface could be slippery.”

A spokesman for Leeds Council added: “We recognise that with wet weather there may be accumulations of leaves and occasionally standing water. However, we will seek to ensure roads, including cycle lanes will be cleared when required and hope all road users will be considerate of each other in winter weather.”