A DAD-OF-TWO who drowned on a Greek holiday after being chased into the sea by a rock-throwing bouncer was unlawfully killed, a Coroner has ruled.

Danny Kelly, 23, drowned off the coast of Zante after he ran into the sea trying to escape Nikola Miscevic, 32, on the first day of his 'lads holiday' in August last year.

Mr Kelly, a fabricator, of Woodlands Rise, Haworth, and two friends had been at the Cameo club on the evening of August 23 when he ended up in the sea having rocks thrown at him as he swam further out.

The inquest heard during the assault his friend, Martin Spencer, filmed the attack on his mobile but Miscevic punched him to the head and ripped the phone from his hands.

Miscevic was arrested, charged and convicted for assault and theft in regards to Martin, but the Greek authorities did not link his assault with Mr Kelly's death.

Miscevic's passport was returned and he was allowed to leave Zante four days after the incident - he is believed to be back in Serbia - and he was sentenced in his absence.

It was reported in September that the Greek public prosecutor has agreed to reopen the criminal investigation against the doorman.

Following the verdict today, Mr Kelly's family hope the Greek authorities will bring charges against Miscevic.

During the two-day hearing his family and friends heard statements from Miscevic and staff at the Cameo Island Club claiming Mr Kelly had in fact jumped in the water of his own accord and they had been trying to get him out.

Miscevic claimed he had thrown some pebbles near him to get his attention while he swam in the water.

Speaking today, Senior Coroner Martin Fleming described this explanation as "implausible".

"I record as a matter of fact that Danny was chased directly into the sea, no attempt to rescue him was made," he said.

He told the hearing they may never know exactly what happened in the run up to Mr Kelly's death, adding: "The only reason he entered the sea was to take refuge from his attacker."

He went on to say he believes Miscevic threw rocks and pebbles at Danny to keep him out at sea.

"I am satisfied they are significant contributions to his death"

The inquest heard Mr Kelly, Mr Spencer and Robert North headed to Cameo Island Club for the White Party at about 7pm on August 23.

At about 11.30pm Mr Kelly told Mr Spencer "we have to go" and Mr Spencer told him he would meet him on the steps of the club after he had found Robert.

Mr Spencer told the inquest that after failing to find Mr North he saw Mr Kelly was not on the steps and began walking towards the rope bridge to the mainland.

He said he then saw him running from the opposite direction towards the sea, chased by a larger man.

The inquest heard the man allegedly chasing him was Miscevic, who claimed he had been socialising at the White Party.

Mr Spencer told the inquest the man stopped chasing Mr Kelly but "straight away started picking rocks up and throwing them".

He added that the man on the beach was screaming at Mr Kelly in a language he couldn't understand.

Mr Kelly was heard to say from the water: "I haven't done anything".

Mr Spencer said he last saw Mr Kelly after he went behind a boulder to avoid the rocks.

Mr Spencer said he made his way down to the beach and starting filming what was happening on his mobile phone.

He said: "This guy is a pretty big guy and I thought if I was filming him he would stop."

The court heard Miscevic chased Mr Spencer, punched him in the head and stole his phone

Mr Kelly's body was found at about 3pm the next day.

After the verdict, Mr Kelly's stepfather Tom Gallon said: "Hopefully it gives us a bit more sway to press the Greek authorities as well.

"We want the Greek authorities to take some action now, bring up charges against Miscevic.

"We think he is back in Serbia now but he is beyond the law there, unless he goes back to Greece.

Mr Kelly's mother, Colette Kelly, said mistakes were made when Mr Spencer's attack was dealt with by Greek police and her son's death by the Port Authority.

This led to, the family claim, evidence about Mr Kelly's death being held in Mr Spencer's file.

Miss Kelly said: "They put all the witness statements for Danny's incident into Martin's file and closed it within that week.

"In Danny's file they had no witness statements at all and that's why they put it down to accidental death.

"I think the Greek authorities have covered it up."