BANNERS that have been used in some of the most significant peaceful protests of the past century have gone on display in a Bradford museum.

The Peace Museum’s exhibition Challenging the Fabric of Society opened today, and shows of its unique collection of banners and quilts.

Banners on show include one from Orgreave protests and the Greenham Common anti nuclear peace camp in Berkshire.

The banners cover subjects such as anti-nuclear opposition, to gay rights, and women’s rights.

Most of the items displayed have never been displayed in public before, or are new acquisitions by the museum, based on Piece Hall Yard.

The exhibition, which runs until January 20, also includes details of the stories behind the protests.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition there will be an event on Thursday including talks by a textile specialist and staff from Bradford Libraries discussing their poppy project. The event will run from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.