SUPERMARKETS including Bradford-based Morrisons will be among West Yorkshire outlets stocking an iconic South Yorkshire condiment as its maker pursues an expansion drive.

Henderson’s Relish, which was first launched in 1885, has until now been sold mainly around Sheffield - where it has attained legendary status - and North Derbyshire.

The roll-out to West Yorkshire retailers follows the opening of a new production unit.

‘Hendos’ is being stocked across West Yorkshire by Asda, Tesco, Booth’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and the Co-op as well as Morrisons.

Patrick Byrne, Hendersons general manager, said: “A change in packaging and distribution will make it easier for more major supermarkets across West Yorkshire to have the product delivered.

“We’ve always wanted to make a shelf-ready package box and, by having it delivered from a warehouse, rather than us taking it to stores individually, means we are now going to be in more supermarket stores across West Yorkshire.

“We are now producing 5,000 bottles a day so we can keep up with demand.”

Patrick believes Henderson’s is gaining brand recognition on a national scale.

“Our shortlisting in the Deliciously Yorkshire Taste awards underlines our growing appeal across the county.

“ We now have the opportunity to grow as a business and we are currently raising our profile and selling our relish right across West Yorkshire,” he added.

He said the historic product appealed to modern diets as it is gluten free.

Patrick said: “There are now ten per cent of the population who are looking for a gluten free diet and when Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon last year he spoke about how his gluten free diet helps him.”

THE Queen was presented with a bottle of Henderson’s Relish when she visited the factory last year

“Sheffield people have moved all over Yorkshire and the product has become and more and more popular because it is made in Yorkshire. It has become a real Yorkshire product – but we’ll always be from Sheffield.

“Despite increasing recognition for Henderson’s across the UK, we remain committed to South Yorkshire and we will never forget our Sheffield roots. We will always focus on the brand’s fine heritage and continue to pay back the warmth and support shown to us by the local people,” said Patrick.