BRADFORD couple Shafiq ur Rehman and Ghazala Shafiq love a drama.

The pair who live in Harrogate Road, Undercliffe, not only make good partners at home but also at work making films and tele plays.

Acclaimed writer and director Mr Rehman, 55, came from Pakistan to the UK 12 years ago and married his producer and actress wife Ghazala who is 30, and since then the couple have worked on numerous projects together with the latest venture Take 2 due to be screened on Asian entertainment channel Venus TV next month.

As well as putting Bradford on the drama-making map the couple also hope their productions will help Bradfordians yearning for the limelight to take their first steps to stardom.

Mr Shafiq’s film company StarWorld Productions has so far made more than 16 successful tele-films and he plans to make many more with the help of Bradfordians.

“We work with a lot of volunteers. For them acting is a volunteer job. We want to give the chance to as many people as possible. All sorts of people get in touch and some are already known,” Mrs Shafiq.

Take 2 is a tale of second chances and was filmed in Bradford over two weeks in Great Horton Road and Lister Park. Model. Actress Nisha Kapoor is playing one of the lead roles

The starmakers are currently in London filming a new upcoming tele-film Maan Bhi Jao Sanam and in the New Year plan to head back up north to start work on yet another new tele-drama based around Bradford life.

Bradford actor and events promoter Nadeem Butt has a role as a journalist in Take 2, he last worked with Mr Shafiq in 2007 on a TV Drama called Angun so for him the latest movie is a second chance.

“It is a great service and a favor of Mr Shafiq to the Asian community that he provides a platform to everyone to showcase their acting skills.

“Many actors and actresses have developed their profiles and are successful in their acting careers in UK and abroad,” said Mrs Shafiq.

Four of Mr Shafiq’s most recent tele-films have been Kernain, Eid Ho Tou Esi, Roshni and Bakra Online.

Another Bradford actor who got a role in Take 2 is Allerton granddad Mehmood Sultan whose most recent appearance on the big screen was in a film called Actor In Law, which has been showing at the city’s Cineworld complex and the Odeon.