A CABBIE in Bradford is set to become a series superstar in Pakistan.

Mehmood Sultan, a grandad-of-four who doubles up his working life as an actor, has just landed his first big role.

The opportunity came hot on the heels of his latest character part in a comedy called Actor In Law which was shot in Pakistan and made it to UK cinema screens this Eid.

Mr Sultan, of Alston Close, Chellow Dene, has already spent four days filming with a crew in Freiburg, Germany for the new serial called Taj War.

Taj War is Mr Sultan’s character in the show which will have 26 episodes and be shown on PTV.

He plays the part of a father who has a well-behaved son studying in Germany and a wild, trouble-making son in Pakistan.

“The father is a good man. He is a religious man, a very peaceful man whose whole village respects him but he has problems with one of his sons who eventually kills him off but not until towards the end!” the 64-year-old said.

Next month Mr Sultan flies to the Lahore area for two more weeks filming before two pilot episodes of the show will be screened along with a teaser trailer.

Mr Sultan, who has also worked as a security guard, has been in ITV police drama DCI Banks and countless other dramas and films since the 1970s.

In Actor In law, he played the part of a judge and was seen in courtroom action lasting about eight minutes throughout the movie.

He was also in a recently released locally-filmed drama called Bakra (Sheep) Online and last year had a three-minute part in a movie called Welcome to Karachi, which was shot at various locations across Bradford, including City Hall, Little Germany and Bombay Stores.

The director of Taj War, Sohail Qamar, said Mr Sultan was perfect in the lead role.

“He deserves it. He is a very able and talented actor,” he added.

As well as the German director, Taj War has on its team a UK-based producer, well-known Pakistani actor Mahbub Sultan and two actors from Canada, Shamyl Khan and Arbenita Ferizi.

“I have been having a wonderful time on set. It’s been lots of fun and I am looking forward to Pakistan next month. I love acting.

“My grandchildren and family are very proud when they see me at the cinema or on the television,” said Mr Sultan.