TWO exhibitions celebrating survivors of domestic abuse will run side by side in Bradford.

The work of the Butterfly Project has been documented through visual arts and photography exhibits created by two artists in a series of workshops in Baildon.

The exhibitions will be at Kala Sangam, which is next to the cathedral in Bradford city centre, from Friday, November 4, until Tuesday, December 20.

One is by visual artist - and founder of the Butterfly Project - Jill Boyd, whose ‘Resilience’ exhibition will feature some of the work done during the project by victims of domestic abuse.

The Butterfly Project was set up to “celebrate and focus on positive aspects of oneself as a person who is rebuilding after domestic abuse”.

Jill, who has background in mental health nursing and education with adults and adolescents, used the workshops to allow the women to “explore domesticity through an ordinary object such as a tea towel, hanging like a banner of strength”.

The work created by the women is aimed at presenting a positive recovery message via images and words.

Jill uses creative processes such as visual photo-montages on textiles or photography to process, explore and formalise emotional responses.

The second exhibition, Butterfly, is by professional photographer Shy Burhan, and documents the work done during the Butterfly Project’s workshops.

Shy spent six weeks working to document what went on at the workshops. She has also taken portrait images of the women who took part in the workshops in order to, she said, “celebrate their uniqueness as part of the exhibition”.

She added: “I spent six weeks working extensively to document the brilliant work of the survivors of domestic abuse, particularly in the workshops, and the healing process that unfolds through the medium of art.

“This work is presented as Butterfly.

“The exhibition is dedicated to the Women of the World Festival.”

The Women of the World Festival celebrates women and girls, and looks at the obstacles that stop them from achieving their potential.

Shy previously held a successful exhibition of some of her work at the Pay As You Feel Canteen in Saltaire, as part of the Real Junk Food Project.

“My time with the Real Junk Food Project has now finished,” she said. “I then linked up with the Butterfly Project and Staying Put and started to document the workshops that they have.”

The Butterfly Project?was funded by Bradford-based charity Staying Put.

A spokesman said: “The charity’s aim is to increase the safety of every person who experiences domestic violence or abuse, by providing a range of services challenging perpetrators, supporting people, working in partnership, influencing policy and campaigning for change.”

The exhibitions open on Friday, November 4 with a launch event from 3pm to 5pm.

“It will be available to view Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, until Tuesday, December 20.