MINICAB drivers have labelled an estate in Bradford a no-go area and have been refusing to pick up fares because of attacks on cars and robberies by yobs.

Tyersal Radio Cars, and Euro Cars are now boycotting the Holme Wood estate at weekends with Colin’s Private Hire only agreeing to go into part of the estate.

Colin’s also said it had experienced an attack in Bierley.

“It’s anti-social and aggressive kids with nothing better to do. They’re hooligans. It’s like the return of Mad Max,” said Tyersal Radio Cars driver Nadeem Iqbal.

Another firm, A&M Thornton ABC, said one of its cabbies had been attacked in Thornton, receiving a black eye and on another occasion the windscreen of one of its vehicles was smashed.

The minicab companies involved, which have more than 450 drivers between them, said the reason they refused fares into Holme Wood was to send a message to residents.

“We are saying ‘get your kids sorted or we won’t be coming in’,” said Mr Iqbal who is also hoping to organise a peaceful protest in City Park.

“There is a handful of Holme Wood kids or young teenagers who are out of control, but it is their parents who may need to organise a minicab one day and who will suffer because we won’t go in.

“Recently there I’ve had stones pelted at my car. I was verbally abused and the people I picked up outside the Co-op store refused to pay their fare.

“It was reported to the police but to be honest they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. “People don’t realise that we are trying to make a living.

“If I have a window smashed that car has to come off the road and it will cost £250 to fix it.

“I want to organise a City Park protest and get all the minicab companies in Bradford on board to refuse to take fares on one particular night or day, or for a few hours at least.

“We have to be united and do it together. It will cause chaos but then people will realise that we are serious.”

Ken Ives, of Euro Cars, said three of its drivers were robbed last week.

He said: “It is not acceptable. The incidents have got out of control.”

Afsar Khan, manager of Tyersal Radio Cars, said the situation in Holme Wood had been getting worse in recent weeks and last week a driver’s car had been smashed by yobs who then demanded money.

“It has been bad for a number of years in that estate but over the past few weeks it has got a lot worse,” he said.

“Someone some day is going to get badly injured. We have reported it to the police but they are doing nothing.”

Mr Khan said he had received an email from the District Crime Management Unit which read: “Having reviewed your crime, it would not appear that there are any active lines of inquiry that we can pursue in order to trace a suspect. In light of this, your crime has been finalised.

“That being said, I have allocated the area’s problem solver – PCSO 746 Ahmed – to conduct inquiries into the issues regarding youths blocking the road and attacking taxis on a regular basis. If a suspect for your crime is traced through his inquiries the matter will be reopened.”

Mr Khan added: “I found this response very disappointing, especially when you see how many police were used in Great Horton Road during the Eid celebrations when people were driving their hired fast cars around.


“We need the police to help us urgently.”

Mohammed Nawaz, joint owner of Leap Taxis and also a member of the Bradford Private Hire Liaison Association, said: “We will join these firms with whatever help they want but we also need to sit down with the police, the council, and anyone who can help to try to get it sorted once and for all.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed there were a number of incidents on record including criminal damage and thefts of cash.

One led to a 14-year-old boy being arrested in Broadstone Way, Holme Wood, but later released without charge due to insufficient evidence.

The spokesman added: “Attacks on taxi drivers will not be tolerated and we will work with partners and the taxi companies to investigate these offences.”

Bradford East MP Imran Hussain said: “These people are just trying to do their job and should not be subjected to this.”