TWO brothers have been jailed for beating a married Bradford woman in an “honour” punishment attack because they believed she was having an affair.

Tahir Sait, 41, and Tariq Sait, 49, jointly assaulted Asia Parveen in her bedroom when her children were in the house.

Mrs Parveen, Tahir Sait’s wife, was kicked and punched in a sustained attack in which her husband struck her hard in the face, put his fingers in her eye socket and pulled at her lips.

His older brother kicked her in the back, stamped on her and pulled her hair, prosecutor Giles Grant told Bradford Crown Court.

The pair only stopped when they saw blood coming from Mrs Parveen’s face and lips.

They left the house in Wyre Close, Wibsey, taking her phone and house keys.

Tahir Sait, now of Sunbridge Road, Bradford, pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife and causing her actual bodily harm on August 23 last year.

He was jailed for 21 months.

Tariq Sait, a cab driver, of Southfield Lane, Great Horton, Bradford, was yesterday convicted of the offence after a trial and was jailed for two years.

Mr Grant told the court: “It was effectively honour-based violence.”

Michael Collins, barrister for Tariq Sait, said he was married with four children and helped to care for two of the youngsters who were severely disabled.

Jon Gregg, for Tahir Sait, said almost every member of the family had disowned him because he had named his older brother as joining in the attack.

“At least Tahir Sait has had the decency to plead guilty,” Mr Gregg said.

The Recorder of Bradford, Judge Roger Thomas QC, said Tahir Sait had got it into his head “probably wrongly” that his wife was having an affair.

In his “nasty and jealous state of mind” he first verbally abused her and then “organised and encouraged” his brother to join him.

“This is a nasty and bad offence of its sort,” Judge Thomas said.