CONTROVERSIAL plans to create 60 apartments on a prominent site beside a notorious bottleneck on Leeds Road, Shipley, have now come under fire from City Hall’s conservation experts.

Hart-Woods Developments has applied to Bradford Council to demolish and redevelop the Windhill Old Station near the Carnegie Library junction, stating in its application that there is “no need” for the existing Victorian buildings to remain.

Now Bradford Council’s Conservation department has stepped in over the future of what it a calls “an undesignated heritage asset.”

In his report to planners, who meet next month, senior conservation officer Jon Ackroyd writes:

“Windhill Old Station is located within the Leeds & Liverpool Canal conservation area. The station buildings near Saltaire employ an unusual architectural style which was consistent with stations at Thackley and Idle.

“It is a key unlisted building, and hence an undesignated heritage asset in the conservation area.”

Mr Ackroyd states that the building remains in relatively good condition.

“No evidence is provided that the station building could not be retained and adapted, and no compelling argument is provided that demolition is the only option.”

“This site affects two transport corridors which serve the World Heritage Site, the railway and Leeds Road. Any development would be expected to have a positive impact and demolition of buildings which make a positive contribution is not in accord with this.”

But Simon Hart-Woods, a director for the developers, who are based in the 141-year-old building, said it had outlived any purpose.

“Anybody who wanted to list it as a heritage building could have done so by now.

“It was nearly a ruin in the 1960s and reached a point of being virtually derelict.

“And now the maintenance is way beyond it’s value.

“The council wants to redevelop Shipley and this is a brownfield site and a perfect situation for new apartments for people who want to use Shipley station. “It’s a sensible idea.”