A SOLICITOR acting for the family of a Bradford man serving life for murder says the fight to acquit him continues.

Lee Calvert was jailed in 2014, aged 23, for his part in the murder of Barry Selby, 50, of East Bowling, who was shot in the leg and had acid thrown on him in October 2013. He died three days later in hospital.

Calvert was found guilty alongside Joseph Lowther, Robert Woodhead and Andrew Feather.

His mother, Karen Calvert, and sister Kelly continue to protest his innocence despite recently losing an appeal against his conviction.

Mrs Calvert says she has only recently been able to comfortably leave her home but says there has been a shift in attitude toward her and believes it is because someone has information.

Mrs Calvert, 53, said: “We know Lee didn’t do it and people on our estate in Holme Wood are now saying the same thing.

“When he was convicted I was a prisoner in my own home. There was a lot of hatred towards me and Kelly but we stood our ground. I had my car burned and my home attacked. I didn’t want to leave the front door for 15 months. People wanted us gone but I knew we had to stay.

“Now they are saying they were wrong and are coming up to us and saying they were sorry which makes me think someone knows who the real murderer is and I am begging them to come forward. I know in my heart Lee is going to come home.” said Mrs Calvert.

Miss Calvert said: “Lee lost his dad when he was only young. He knows what it is like to lose a dad and would not wish that on anyone. He would never do that to another person.

“We feel for the family of Mr Selby and know they must hate us but our hearts go out to them. The wrong person is in prison and all we want is for someone to come forward who knows who the real killer is. This is killing my mum. She’s already had a stroke and it is making her unwell. She breaks down in tears each day, we both do, but we try and keep strong for Lee and his two-year-old son.

She added: “In an strange way it would have been a lot easier for us if Lee was guilty. At least then we could have moved away and got on with our lives. But we couldn’t because we really believe he’s innocent.

"He was convicted from an identity parade months after the murder. He had to wear a balaclava and he was convicted because someone said they recognised his eyes.

“We also have fresh evidence which was not used at the original trial and could not use at appeal. We are going to keep on fighting and will take it further to the European Courts.

“If someone knows something please get in touch with our solicitor at: info@2ndopinionnow.co.uk and he will pass it on.”

Solicitor Chaman Salham said: “The fight for justice goes on, and I am continuing to act for Lee and his family.”

Last month, Calvert, Lowther, Woodhead and Feather had a bid to appeal against their convictions rejected at the Court of Appeal by three senior judges.