A PROMINENT site in Windhill could soon be used for housing if a new planning application is successful.

Hart Woods Developments has applied to Bradford Council for permission to redevelop the Windhill Old Station site, off Leeds Road, into apartments.

Although the plans are only in the outline stages, to determine if housing is a suitable use for the site, the application is for up to 60 apartments.

The most prominent building on the site is the old station building, and although the plans are only in the outline stages, they hint that the building would not be part of the site’s future.

The land is currently used by a wooden decking company, but the application says this business is looking to expand by moving to a new location.

The old building was the former terminus of a defunct line, built in the 1870s and shut in the 1930s. A heritage statement in the application says the building is in poor condition, and adds: “There are no English Heritage listings and no reference to any need to retain the building and there is no specific description of the historic importance of any part of the buildings or a specific use.

“There is therefore no need to retain any features of the buildings or the building itself.”

The application adds: “The scheme design recognises the issues that face the development of the site and the huge potential to ‘make a difference.’

“It’s vital to vision what the area will become, rather than to be hamstrung by what it might be today.

“The proposals have been developed to give the site some identity and to provide a ‘presence’ and a ‘place setting’ which will lift the site from its humble beginnings.”

West Yorkshire Police have been consulted on the plans, and Lisa Reardon, Bradford District Crime Prevention Design Advisor, has responded saying they support the application, but adding: “I do think it’s a shame that the existing building cannot be retained / renovated and somehow built into the scheme, as it has so much character and charm.”

Councillor Vanda Greenwood (Lab, Windhill and Wrose), said: “At the moment it is in the early stages, they are just asking for permission to build on the site.

“There is a lot of re-generation going on that is improving the area around Leeds Road, and hopefully any development at this site will add to this.”

Council officers have suggested that if 60 flats are built, the developer should contribute £102,756 to help provide extra school places in the area and a £26,000 contribution to local recreation facilities.

A decision will be made in October.

Shipley and Windhill railway station operated between 1875 and 1931. During the 1860s, two small railway companies were formed to promote suburban railways in Bradford, the Bradford, Eccleshill and Idle Railway and the Idle and Shipley Railway.

The line was open to goods traffic in 1874, and to passengers the next year. Passenger service ended in 1931, and the station closed. Goods traffic continued on the whole line until 1964 and as far as Idle until 1968.