VOLUNTEERS are wanted to help trial a mobile phone app developed by a Saltaire company to help people manage their medication.

Medsminder has been created by the Advanced Digital Institute (ADI), based at Salts Mill, who have worked alongside a team of prescribing chemists and doctors to develop the app.

Reports suggest between 30 and 50 per cent of patients may miss taking their prescribed medication correctly, with adverse affects on their wellbeing and cost to the NHS.

But individuals who download Medsminder can plan their medications to suit their lifestyle.

The app will let its user develop a daily routine to take their medication and it also reports to the user’s doctor or pharmacist so they know how they are coping with it, which will help them look after the user more effectively.

Medsminder will also keep a record of how many medication doses the user has left, and also help in managing repeat prescriptions.

Volunteers from the Bradford district who take regular medication have until Sunday, July 31, to download the Medsminder app to sign up for the trial. Those who do, will be given a £15 shopping voucher.

Simon Bramwell, Medsminder project manager, said: “ADI is at the cutting edge of developing technology solutions to help ordinary people in their everyday lives. Medsminder is just that – a simple app, based on the latest behaviour change research, that allows the user to plan their medication to suit their lifestyle.

“What’s more, by understanding lifestyle and routines, Medsminder knows when there’s a change, such as a holiday, and can give extra help to ensure the user doesn’t miss taking their medication.

“It really is the friend in your pocket who’ll keep you on track.”

Go to medsminder.co.uk for more information.

This is the latest app developed by ADI.

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