A PERMANENT memorial to remember those massacred in the town of Srebrenica 21 years ago is to be unveiled in Bradford.

Known as the Srebrenica genocide, more than 8,000 Muslim Bosniaks, mostly men and boys, were killed in and around the town during the Bosnian War.

The atrocity sparked documentaries and commemorative events.

Last year film critic and broadcaster, Shipley-born Phillip Bergson, helped organised a screening in Bradford of Halima’s Path, an award-winning movie telling of a woman’s quest to find the remains of her son killed during the war.

It won more than 30 prizes at international festivals from juries and critics, and also took several audience awards.

This year another award-winning Bosnian film, The Fog of Srebrenica, is being shown at the National Media Museum on Saturday, July 16, from 4.30pm.

On Monday, July 11, there will be the unveiling of the Srebrenica Stone, in Bradford University’s Peace Garden at 10.30am.

The ceremony is due to be attended by the Bishop of Bradford, the Right Reverend Dr Toby Howarth, and will be followed by a reception at Bradford City Hall.

Dr Waqar Azmi, chairman of Remembering Srebrenica, said: “With recent tragic events in Orlando and here at home, hatred, fear and prejudice are currently dominating public discourse in the UK.

“It has never been more important for us to learn the lessons from Srebrenica.

“Last year more than 20,000 attended Srebrenica memorials across the UK.

“In commemorating the 21st anniversary we will bring thousands more people of all backgrounds, faiths and ages together in an act of community, inclusivity and peace.

“In the words of the late MP Jo Cox, we have more in common than that which divides us.”

Also across Yorkshire there is a civic commemoration on July 15 at Leeds Town Hall, and on July 17 there is to be a Dewsbury Srebrenica commemoration with people from the Bosnian community and Kirklees Council.

Tickets for The Fog of Srebrenica are available from the National Media Museum.