A POPULAR ska and reggae music extravaganza in Bradford has proved such a success that organisers are already planning a fifth one - before the fourth one has even been held.

David Crawford, Jack Nanson, Paul Howson, Paul Haley and Jeff George are already in discussion with some “major bands” for the 2017 event.

The 2016 festival will take place at the University of Bradford’s Amp Bar on Saturday.

The festival started in 2013 at Club Railway on Wakefield Road, before expanding and being held at the university from 2014 onwards.

Mr Crawford, 50, said of the 2017 event: “It will be number five and we are talking to a couple of major bands to come for our fifth anniversary.

“It is going really, really well that we can jump to the fifth year without doing the fourth year yet.

“We want to say a really big thank you to the massive support we have had.

“It is the support of people and the fanbase, and the bands, that have made it a success. Everyone is on board to help create something.

“We are still not sure what we are creating. The whole jist is we want to give something to Bradford.”

He added: “We are all pleased but we also know that if it was not for the support and the fanbase, it would not be what it is.

“It is their festival, we are just the custodians of it. At the end of the day, they fund it and support it.

“How far we can push it depends on the fanbase and on us. We are still massively learning all the time.”

Mr Crawford said he was looking forward to another entertaining spectacle at this year’s event, which will feature seven live bands, stalls and food.

He said: “This year the support has been crazy. The word of mouth is spreading. We have got people coming from London, Darlington, Sunderland, the Midlands and Lancashire.

“The word is going round that there is a decent festival in Bradford that is worth going to. There is written documentation that it happens.

“Because we have got a bit of history, people believe in us. They see a product worth coming to.”

Mr Crawford also invited anyone who could help with the festival in any way to come forward, as he said: “My fear is outgrowing ourselves.

“The bigger we want to go, the more money we have to put in, and at the end of the day we are just ordinary blokes with families.

“I would accept help from anyone who would like to help us, such as with the set-up and running of it.”

Tickets for this year’s festival are still available.

They are £20 and can be bought from www.1umpromotions.co.uk, 1UM Promotions’ Facebook page, or by calling 07467 220411.