JOBLESSNESS in the district has fallen slightly, with ten fewer people claiming unemployment benefits, according to the latest government figures released today.

Data from the Office of National Statistics includes both people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and those claiming Universal Credit benefits principally for unemployment reasons.

The figures reveal that 8,925 people in Bradford claimed unemployment benefits in May, down from 8,935 the previous month, a 0.1 per cent fall on the previous month, and a 17.9 per cent fall on last year.

The unemployment rate for the district remained the same at 2.7 per cent, compared to 2.2 per cent regionally and 1.8 per cent nationally.

Catherine Monaghan, of Jobcentre Plus in Bradford, said: “We are continuing a really good run in Bradford in terms of action, with Skills House supporting 500 people into work in the last year, as well as working on work experience opportunities.”

As for constituencies in the district, Bradford South saw the biggest drop at 3.0 per cent fewer than the previous month, with 1,805 claimants, or 55 fewer people.

There was a 1.7 per cent fall in claimants in Shipley, decreasing to 855 with 15 fewer people.

Keighley saw a 1.0 per cent drop to hit the 1,000 mark exactly, a fall of ten claimants.

Meanwhile Bradford East saw the biggest increase in the district with 60 more claimants last month, a 2.4 per cent increase, reaching 2,580.

There was also an increase in Bradford West, where there were 2,690 claimants last month, 0.6 per cent more than the previous month with a corresponding 15 more claimants.

The figures by constituency total 8,930. The Department for Work and Pensions is examining why that does not tally with the overall district figure of 8,925.