AN exhibition of work by Bradford School of Art students opened yesterday, including the work of an “amazing” blind artist.

Sue Horan, 56, from Wyke, lost sight in her left eye when she was 40, and lost sight in her right eye suddenly, overnight, nine years later.

Despite these setbacks, Ms Horan has now completed a three year art course at Bradford College’s School of Art.

She said: “After I lost my sight and had to leave my job, I thought to myself, I’m not going to just sit here and do nothing.

“I did an A-level in Art at the Royal College for the Blind in Hereford, and when I came back to Bradford I wanted to carry on doing art.”

Ms Horan’s final project is based around ceramics and was inspired by her experiences of when she lost her vision.

“When I first lost my sight in my left eye, I suffered horrible hallucinations where everything was melting, and the last colour I saw was yellow, which is a very important colour to me,” she said.

“All my worked is glazed yellow, and I have drawn dandelions on my work, which I think are a beautiful flower.


“I felt like I connected with them because one minute they are yellow, and the next they turn white and are gone, like my sight.”

Ms Horan chose ceramics because she can feel the end product. She firmly believes blind and partially sighted people should be be able to touch sculptures in galleries so they can connect with the art.

Martin Hearne was Ms Horan’s ceramics tutor for two years. He praised her passion and commitment to the course.

He said: “Sue has worked through her adversity to create some fantastic work, and it has been absolutely amazing that someone like Sue can persevere through her disability.

“She was always keen to engage in every aspect of the course and we went on a college trip to Amsterdam last year, which she came on with her support worker, who described the artwork and architecture to her.”

Jill Good, who is a tutor at the school, added: “Her drawings are amazing, you wouldn’t believe they are done by a blind person.

“The other students have been really supportive of Sue, and she has also been supportive of them, and having her on the course has been very positive for everyone.”

The exhibition will be open at The Painting Studio in Bradford College’s Lister Building, in Carlton Street, until June 18., from 10am to 5pm through the week. It features work of around 20 students at the college.