A DOUBLE DECKER bus caught fire on a main road in Bingley tonight.

Fire crews from Bingley and Shipley were called to the incident on Kingsway, outside Bingley Medical Practice and the Canalside Doctors Surgery, just before 6.15pm.

A spokesman for the Bingley crew said the bus was not carrying any passengers at the time of the fire, adding that the driver managed to escape unhurt.

The blaze, understood to have been caused by a mechanical fault, was contained to the engine compartment at the rear of the vehicle.

The road remained open as emergency services worked to remove the bus and make the scene safe.

Pictures of the bus, which had been working the 623 service from Bradford to Eldwick, showed flames and dense smoke seeping out of the rear engine compartment. 

Chris Spriggs, who took the pictures, said: "Thankfully nobody was on the bus and the driver had pulled to the side of the road."

Local councillor Mark Shaw (Cons, Bingley) also saw the aftermath of the blaze. 

"It was a serious incident and and seems to have been handled well," he said.