CITY'S new owners today promised: We are in it for the long haul.

Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp have assumed control at Valley Parade and believe the club tick all their boxes.

In an exclusive interview with the Telegraph & Argus, Rahic stressed they were happy to continue City's steady progress and had no plans to make big changes.

Rahic said: "I am 42 and Stefan 47. For us it's a long-term investment. We are not interested in thinking about an exit plan.

"We want to develop the squad and reach something. It takes time.

"We feel the mix between German and English football and business can be successful – but we don't want to run Bradford City as a German club.

"The Germans probably steer a club or company a little bit different but we will see.

"As long as we have an open and transparent relationship with the fans and the press, it would be great for me. We are not interested in anyone with a hidden agenda.

"For us, it's important not to have any pre-judgements."


Rahic admitted the buy-out had been a long time coming, having first declared an interest after Gianni Paladini's period of exclusivity last May.

He also revealed how a Bantams fan from Holland had influenced their choice of English club to go for.

Rahic said: "As a former football player, it is my passion and I was always interested in getting involved in a club.

"Two years ago we started to analyse the criteria of the type of club we'd want to take over and Bradford was one of four or five.

"We wanted to know about the owners, the fan base of the club, the reputation and the current situation. We didn't want to take over a struggling club with financial problems.

"We wanted a club that was in a very good position and has a chance to go forward. Bradford were very solid compared to other clubs.

"The FA Cup run influenced us a little bit – but also one of my best friends from the Netherlands is a Bradford supporter for years and years. He said to me 'you have to buy Bradford!'

"Then it took one year with long discussions and meetings. But it shows the positive side of the deal that we had the chance to get into an English club and Julian (Rhodes) and Mark (Lawn) could find a good moment to sell.

"It was a hard fight for it. We prepared it very well.

"We have a strategy in our mind and a concept. We have to see if it's possible to have success in England."