CHILDREN across Bradford are being urged to help the Queen celebrate her official 90th birthday next month with displays of patriotism.

The One Britain, One Nation campaign was set up in Bradford earlier this year to encourage as many people across the country as possible to celebrate the Queen's official birthday next month.

At 11am on June 10, those taking part in the campaign will be asked to sing the first verse of the national anthem, say three cheers to Her Majesty, and sing Happy Birthday.

The team behind the campaign has visited Feversham Primary School, where those involved spoke to pupils about the importance of the event, and met up with head teachers of schools from across the BD3 area to discuss how to best mark the occasion.

And the children enthusiastically got behind the campaign, singing loudly and waving flags during an assembly.

In Bradford the campaign will culminate in a major event on June 10, when more than a thousand children dressed in red, white and blue will pack City Park to sing and cheer the monarch.

There will also be bands playing in the park, and numerous other celebratory events in schools across the district.

The campaign was founded by Kash Singh, a former Bradford police inspector who is pushing for schools across the country to take part in the Pledge for the Nation. One of its main aims is to inspire the younger generation "to love their nation and embrace their nationality."

It has also involved a competition for local young people to write a song to mark The Queen's birthday, and the winning song will be sung for the crowds in City Park that morning.

Although The Queen's actual birthday was last month, her official birthday will this year be marked on Saturday, June 11, and numerous national events are planned between now and then.

After yesterday's assembly, Feversham head Naveed Idrees said: "This is a great platform to get together and get the ball rolling in BD3. It is a great way to celebrate and give the children a sense of pride in the nation. It will be great to do something like this in this area and get the support of the whole community. Getting involved will create great memories for the kids."

Tony Johnson, head of Bradford Council's arts department, said: "If we can get 1,500 children in City Park all singing it would be fantastic.

"The children want to sing and celebrate and the occasion, and music is the best way to do this."

Mr Singh said the campaign would help instil a sense of patriotism and self confidence in the children taking part. He said: "It is important to take pride in your faith or your culture, but it is also important to come together as one nation to celebrate an event like this as a unified community and unified nation.

"This will be a momentous occasion, and my goal is to make sure no child is prevented from being a part of it.

"I appeal to everyone to share the message and get involved in this event."