THE force was with Star Wars fan Byron Smith when his son was born one week late on May 4.

Byron and Amanda Smith, from Dunmore Avenue, Queensbury, celebrated the baby's birth on Wednesday, known as Star Wars Day, by naming him Luke Harrison as a nod to the movie's Luke Skywalker character and to actor Harrison Ford who plays Hans Solo.

Baby Luke was due on April 27 but dad Byron was convinced he would wait until 'May the fourth [force] be with you' day.

"I just knew it. I told everyone he would hang fire until then and he did," he added.

In readiness for their new arrival, the couple decked out the nursery with all-things Star Wars, including masses of Star Wars models.

"I've been a fan of Star Wars all my life and I'm hoping it will rub off on Luke. I've made up all the models in his bedroom but I've got boxes of other ones put away for him in the attic.

"They'll be worth a bit of money one day," said Byron, 31, who works for a hospital supplier.