A FERAL pig has been spotted walking the streets and fields of Fagley – but no-one appears to know who the owner is.
The pesky pig, believed to be a male, has been seen in Fagley Lane and around the area on several occasions over the last year.
Councillor Ann Wallace (Lib Dem, Eccleshill) last saw the pig in a field in Fagley yesterday morning. 
She said: “It’s bizarre. There is no owner to it. Hopefully someone would like to give it a good home.
“At the moment, the pig is not causing any problems.
“We are not sure what to do with it. It seems healthy enough. The pig looks like it’s thriving.
“It is not doing any real harm, but when it roams the streets it’s a different scenario. We have a feral pig roaming around and it has been loose for a year. 
“It just gets in and out of the fields too.”
The mystery pig, whose breed is unknown, has also been spotted in a field near horses at Throstle Nest Riding School, Fagley Lane, over the last three months. 
It had caused distress to some of the horses and ponies, said bosses at the site. 
Jeannette Wheeler, the school’s owner, said: “The pig is a nuisance when it comes into the yard.
“It’s quick and has just been walking around. I’ve not seen it close up for about a week or ten days now.
“We have been trying to get it inside as it’s being a bit of a nuisance and is spooking the horses, but we can’t get close enough to it. 
“It looks like it’s grown too. 
“When it came in the yard the horses tried to kick it. A lot of horses are scared of pigs.”
A Shipley-based vet said it was unusual to see pigs on the streets, adding it had probably escaped from somewhere nearby.
Dr Vicki Foster, of Shipley Vets, Manor Lane, Shipley, said: “It’s unusual for something like this to happen. 
“I would say that it must have escaped and they are quite difficult to catch. I have not heard of anything like this before.”
Readers also commented on the Telegraph & Argus Facebook page about the pig hitting streets in Fagley, with some taking a light-hearted approach. 
Martyna Matthew Revill posted: “Seen the pig on Fagley Road other day lol.”
Chris Hall said: “Come on T&A, you’re just hamming this story up and porking fun at the poor thing!!”