Naz Shah's suspension from the Labour Party came at the end of a fast-moving sequence of events triggered by the revelation of social media posts from years ago.

But it has also left party leader Jeremy Corbyn facing accusations that he acted too slowly.

Here is the timeline of how events unfolded:

  • August 2014 - Ms Shah shares an image on Facebook of the outline of Israel superimposed on a map of the USA, under the heading "Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict - Relocate Israel into United States". She adds the comment "problem solved", and said she would pass on the suggestion to David Cameron and Barack Obama.
  • May 2015 - Ms Shah is elected Labour MP for Bradford West, defeating Respect's George Galloway (pictured below).

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: George Galloway, the man in the hat, looks on as Naz Shah speaks after defeating him at Bradford West

  • Monday April 25 - The Guido Fawkes website approaches Ms Shah to ask her about the Facebook post. The site later reports that she confirmed it was genuine and said she wanted to issue an apology and an explanation of how her views had changed.
  • Tuesday April 26, 7.50am - Details of the Facebook post are revealed by the Guido Fawkes website.
  • 10.45am - Labour issues a statement from Ms Shah saying that the post "does not reflect my views and I apologise for any offence it has caused."
  • 12.45pm - Campaign Against Anti-Semitism says apology is not enough and warns that it will be unable to take the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee seriously if Ms Shah remains a member.
  • 3.30pm - A further Facebook post from September 2014 emerges, in which Ms Shah shared Martin Luther King's quote "Never Forget that Everything Hitler did in Germany was Legal" along with the comment "#Apartheid Israel".
  • Wednesday April 27, morning - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (below) meets Ms Shah.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Tristram Hunt said Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn "does not have the answers" to tough economic questions

  • 11am - A Twitter message emerges, sent by Ms Shah in July 2014, in which she urged supporters of the Palestinians to vote in an online poll on Israeli military action, claiming that "the Jews are rallying" to skew the result.
  • 11.35am - Mr Corbyn issues a statement to say that he has told Ms Shah her actions were "offensive and unacceptable" and affirms Labour's "implacable" opposition to anti-semitism.
  • 11.45am - Minutes before Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, Labour shadow cabinet member Lisa Nandy tells BBC2's Daily Politics she has spoken to the leader's office and told them the party should suspend "anybody who makes anti-semitic remarks" without exception.
  • 11.55am - Jewish News publishes an article from Ms Shah apologising to the Jewish community.
  • 12.10pm - As Mr Corbyn attempts to question the Prime Minister about academy schools, David Cameron (below) tells him: "Perhaps if you could deal with the anti-Semites in your own party, we'd be prepared to listen to you more." The PM says it is "extraordinary" that she still has the Labour whip.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

  • 2.35pm - Ms Shah uses a point of order in the House of Commons to acknowledge that she has made a "mistake" and offer a "wholehearted" apology.
  • 5pm - Former major Labour donor David Abrahams announces he is withdrawing support from the party over anti-semitism.
  • 10.45pm - Labour peer Lord Levy tells BBC2s Newsnight that Mr Corbyn "dithered" and took too long to act over Ms Shah. Crossbench peer Rabbi Baroness Neuberger tells the programme Labour has "a problem with anti-semitism".
  • 10am - Former London mayor Ken Livingstone (below) denies there is anti-semitism in the Labour Party in an interview on BBC Radio London in which he says that Hitler was a Zionist.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

  • 10.45am - Labour's candidate for London mayor Sadiq Khan denounces Mr Livingstone's comment as "appalling and inexcusable" and calls for his removal from the party.
  • 11am  - Senior figures in the party, including shadow Cabinet ministers Chris Bryant and Luciana Berger, join the calls for Mr Livingstone to go.
  • 11.45am - Labour MP John Mann launches a furious attack on Mr Livingstone as they come face-to-face at Millbank television studios. Mr Mann accuses the former mayor of being a ''Nazi apologist''. The spat happens as Mr Livingstone is being interviewed by James O'Brien on LBC radio. Listeners hear the Bassetlaw MP shouting in the background and Mr Livingstone tells the interviewer: ''I've got a violent MP threatening me, sorry about that", before the line goes dead.
  • 12 noon - British Jewish groups demand Mr Livingstone's expulsion from Labour describing his comments as "abhorrent and beyond disgraceful".
  • 12.30pm -  Mr Livingstone says he believes the row over his future will ''calm down'' over the next couple of days.
  • 1.25pm  - Mr Livingstone is suspended by Labour for ''bringing the party into disrepute'' in the wake of the anti-Semitism row. Labour also announces that chief whip Rosie Winterton is hauling backbencher John Mann in for a meeting over his behaviour.