TWO 'coloured-in' kittens that were handed into a Bradford cat rescue centre are responding well to treatment.

Katie Lloyd, of Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Centre (BCWR), said Smurf and Shrek, who had been daubed blue and green respectively, were on the road to recovery.

She said: "They are doing OK. They have had a little feed. The ink is slowly coming off.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"On the body we can give it a good clean, without doing too much damage. But we have to be a bit more careful around the face area - around the ears, eyes, nose and mouth."

She added: "They are relatively bright, but there is a long way to go. They are still deemed critically ill.

"They are doing really well, they just need lots of tender loving care and 24-hour care.

"They are struggling to feed and we believe they may have ulcers in the mouth. It may have possibly affected their respiratory systems as well.

"The ink on the coat is fading quite significantly - it is what is going on inside that is of greater concern."

Smurf and Shrek were due to see a vet today.

Miss Lloyd also said, despite other media reports, that she had "absolutely no evidence to support" a theory that the cats had been coloured-in to be used in dog-baiting, so punters knew which kitten they were betting on to survive.

"If it is true, that is absolutely awful," said Miss Lloyd.