FOUR men have been jailed for a "vicious gang assault" in which they behaved liked a "pack of wolves."

The street brawl erupted after an argument over power tools, quickly escalating into a "very bad example of violent disorder."

Hussain Khan, 24, of Heath Road, Undercliffe, was jailed for eight years for an attack which left Safeer Ahmed with serious multiple injuries.

Bilal Ahmed Khan, 28, of Hustler Street, Undercliffe; Waqqas Khan, 29, of Hustler Street, Undercliffe and Ajib Khan, 36, of Heath Road, Undercliffe, were jailed for three years each after they also took part in the brawl.

All four were jailed for violent disorder, while Hussain Khan was also sentenced for an additional charge of wounding.


He saw Mr Ahmed outside a shop on Heath Road and said he wanted to speak to Mr Ahmed's uncle, Saeed Latif, after he claimed he owed him money for some power tools he had given to him.

The argument quickly turned into a fight and Hussain Khan attacked Safeer Ahmed with a stick with nails attached to it. The victim was knocked to the ground and curled up into a ball but was still kicked by Hussain Khan, Bilal Ahmed Khan and Ajib Khan, who had run to the scene.

Saeed Latif ran to his nephew's aid but was also attacked.

Waqqas Khan was also involved in the brawl and Hussain Khan hit Safeer Ahmed in the head with a brick during the attack.

The victim suffered multiple injuries including a blood clot to his brain and an injured eye socket and spent seven days in hospital.

He thought he was going to be killed in the attack, prosecutor Jayne Beckett told Bradford Crown Court.

The violence erupted in Heath Road, Undercliffe, outside a house which Safeer Ahmed was helping to renovate.

Members of the gang were described as behaving like a pack of wolves during the brawl, which took place from around 1.30pm on March 23 last year.

All five pleaded guilty at a hearing on April 1 this year.

A fifth man, Javaid Sher, 45, of Beech Terrace, Bradford Moor, was jailed for two years, suspended for two years, after he also became involved in the attack.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall told the gang: "It is something that blew up.

"This was a very, very bad example of violent disorder.

"One witness described it a pack of wolves. It was a vicious gang assault."

Saeed Latif also suffered a hairline fracture to his spine after he was also attacked by the gang.

Two other victims of the gang, Jangir Ahmed, who suffered a cut to the back of his head, and Waheed Latif, who suffered cuts to his face in the brawl. They were punched and kicked during the incident.

Rodney Ferm, mitigating for Hussain Khan, said: "This did not spread out of any deep-seated antagonism to previous bad blood between various people who became involved."