FIVE women who all started courses at the Margaret McMillan teacher training college in Bradford exactly 50 years ago have marked an emotional reunion with a visit the city.

The group met up at the Silsden home of Janet Hebden, with four women also bringing their husbands, who all studied at the University of Bradford.

The women all started college together at 18 and have kept in touch ever since, meeting up every couple of years despite living as far afield from each other as Cornwall, Bedford, and the Wirral.

"We had a trip into Bradford, and for most of the group it was the first time since 1994 when they visited for my silver wedding," said Mrs Hebden.

"There has been a lot of changes.

"They are bulldozing the college down, but there were still areas of the university that people recognised.

"We also went to Salts Mill and Lister Park, where we spent rag days and spent time doing the daft things we did when we were all 18.

"It is a friendship that has spanned 50 years."