TWO men have been jailed after a sustained attack at a Bradford flats complex in which their victim was savaged by a dog and sliced with a large saw.

Russell McCabe was left permanently scarred after he was set upon by Patrick Wilson and Lee Syms in the entrance foyer at the bedsits in New Cross Street, West Bowling.

Mr McCabe, who has mental health problems, was punched to the ground by Wilson and hit and kicked by both his assailants, prosecutor Abigail Langford told Bradford Crown Court today.

Syms then fetched a large saw that he used to slice into Mr McCabe's hand, between his thumb and his forefinger.

Wilson's dog, Sasha, joined in the attack, covering Mr McCabe with numerous bites, the court was told.

Wilson, 22, of Bingley Road, Saltaire, and Syms, 28, of Ash Tree, New Cross Street, pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding Mr McCabe on December 14, 2014.

Wilson, who had previous convictions for robbery and battery, was jailed for 32 months.

He brought cannabis into the dock with him for the sentencing hearing.

Syms, with a conviction for possession of an offensive weapon, was imprisoned for two years.

Miss Langford said the three men, who were all living at the bedsits, fell out over money.

Wilson knocked Mr McCabe down with a punch to the face and then both men assaulted him as he curled up to protect himself.

The attack with the saw left him in immense pain and bleeding heavily.

The police were called and Mr McCabe was treated in hospital for numerous cuts and dog bites and a slicing injury to his hand that would leave him scarred for life.

Nigel Jamieson, Wilson's barrister, said his client suffered from depression and needed to get his cannabis use under control.

Wilson thought Mr McCabe was bullying Syms and that he would stick up for him.

Mr Jamieson stressed that he did not deliberately set his dog on Mr McCabe. The animal became excited and joined in the attack.

David McGonigal, for Syms, said his mental health problems were set out in a detailed psychiatric report.

He had owed Mr McCabe money but not as much as he was demanding.

Syms had been self harming since suffering tragic family bereavements.

Judge Mark Savill said: "There was absolutely no justification for this assault. It must have been terrifying for Mr McCabe.

"It was a sustained and repeated assault on a defenceless victim."