FOUR Bradford schools are leading the way in a new national campaign aimed at bringing communities closer together for the Queen's 90th birthday.

They were visited by the chief executive of One Britain One Nation (OBON), an organisation founded in Bradford, and some special guests while they practiced singing the national anthem yesterday.

The schools will perform the national anthem to celebrate the Queen's birthday at a celebration event on June 10, and OBON hope these four local schools will encourage schools, businesses and other organisations all over the country to join the campaign, called Pledge for the Nation.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The launch of the Pledge for the Nation campaign at Dixons Music Primary

OBON was founded by Kash Singh, a former police inspector in Manningham, and Mr Singh unveiled the Pledge for the Nation initiative in January.

Mr Singh said that he hopes people of all ages, faiths, beliefs and backgrounds will come together under the new initiative to show that Great Britain is a unified nation which shares core British values.

He said: "It is vital we take our campaign to a grassroots level and to the cornerstone of our nations future – our children – so our country can continue to be diverse and eclectic, but also remain strong, united and inclusive.

"It is my heartfelt desire to see every child participating in this momentous initiative, so am delighted these four Bradford schools have adopted our Pledge.

"The schoolchildren will be doing something very simple, which any group or organisation can do on that day – celebrating being British by singing the first verse of the national anthem at 11am, saying three cheers to the Queen and singing the traditional birthday song for her.

"Whether people deck their schools, shops or homes in red, white or blue, hoist Union Jacks, or wave flags, the important thing is that we come together, in our communities and workplaces to do this."

Mr Singh was joined by special guests Robbie Hunter-Paul, Brian Noble and Sir James Hill on the visits to the schools during rehearsals yesterday.

Pupils from Christ Church Primary Academy, Shipley, St Matthew's CE Primary School, St Francis Catholic Primary School and Dixons Music Primary were all visited during their rehearsals of God Save the Queen.

Robbie Hunter-Paul, Bradford Bulls chief executive, said: "It was fantastic to go along to these Bradford Schools this morning and watch and join in with the kids as they sung with pride and passion.

"Any initiative that brings communities together and is inclusive despite what colour, creed, sexual orientation or religion you are is something I will always be proud to be a part of.

"If we could all embrace the values behind this project we would live a more prosperous and enjoyable future."

Sir James Hill, chair of the board of governors at the Dixons Academy trust, said: "The children of Dixons Music Primary are delighted to be involved in this unique celebration, and the rehearsal today made for a really enjoyable occasion; we all look forward to the performance along with children from across the country in June."

For more information about how to get involved with the Pledge for the Nation, visit or email